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Innovative and progressive solution to ice and snow removal

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Snow Lion is a high-tech snow and ice removal innovator where we develop and manufacture ice-breaking and snow removal equipment, focusing on solutions for clearing snow and ice without the use of salt, brine or other chemicals harmful to the environment and infrastructure. This is particularly challenging in extremely cold and/or high-elevation areas. Snow Lion's exclusive ice-breaking and snow removal technologies are touted as “advanced-core technology” and our products are classified for use as national emergency rescue implementations. Our employees and our products serve as protectors of the public in challenging and dangerous winter situations.

Why Snow Lion?

Snow Lion has the most efficient, effective, and individualized products in the winter maintenance industry. Snow Lion outperforms its competitors and traditional snow and ice removal methods in third-party evaluations by both government and academic institutions time and time again.

Snow Lion operates over 60 individual models

To date, Snow Lion has designed and implemented 66 individual ice-breaking models, resulting in 40 patents in China and seven patents pending in the U.S.


We offer revolutionary snow and ice removal equipment grown from a desire to be the most efficient winter maintenance solution on the market, with a history of adhering to strict specifications of snow and ice removal, Snow Lion has received both foreign and domestic praise for its answers to the world’s need for advanced winter maintenance operations equipment and winter safety solutions.


We offer revolutionary products grown from a desire to be efficient in snow removal, with a history of adhering to strict specifications of ice and snow removal equipment. Snow Lion has received both foreign and domestic praise for its answer to the world’s need for advanced road security and safety.

Global Recognition

At Snow Lion, we are actively developing collaborations and independent studies in North America, China and Mongolia and we aim to continue to improve our winter maintenance operations solutions for winter maintenance operations around the world.

  • ZERO environmental impact.
  • ZERO impact to roadway infrastructure.
  • ZERO impact to personal property associated with traditional S&I removal methods.
  • 50-85% more effective than traditional methods of snow and ice removal.
  • Snow Lion operates regardless of temperature or climate and can provide snow and ice removal in temperatures that render deicing agents ineffective.
  • Stop chain controls, road closures, and the potential for accidents much faster than any other method in the S&I removal industry.
  • Works on any paved surface at least 1.2m (4’) in working width, and up to 3.2m (10.5’) in working width.
  • Contours the road with our innovative, independent wheel suspension and road contouring designs, even over bridge joints and railroad tracks!
A cost savings of 7-to-1, when compared to traditional methods.